Doxie Flip Photo Scanner Review: The Best for Small Resolution Scanning

Doxie Flip Photo Scanner Review
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Bottom Line

The Doxie Flip improves upon previous products by offering application software and battery power. It is a great option for people who want to be able scan a variety of photos and objects on the go, and who like the convenience of uploading the files directly to cloud storage for later viewing.

Pros: The Doxie Flip is highly portable, battery powered, compact version of a flatbed scanner. A computer can be used, but doesn’t have to be used, as the photos will save directly to an SD card. Cloud storage is also available. The product comes with the AA batteries and a 4 GB SD card to get you started.

Due to the small scanning space on the Doxie Flip, scanning large books is not possible. To use the feature that allows photos to sync directly to an iPad, a separate card reader must be purchased. Battery life is expected to produce 200 scans at 300 DPI, though rechargeables can be used for more frequent or higher resolution projects.

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Doxie Flip - Cordless Flatbed Photo and Notebook Scanner

The Doxie Flip is the newest product in the Doxie line, coming after the Doxie, the Doxie One, and the Doxie Go. The Doxie Flip improves upon previous models by allowing scanning of any material that doesn’t fit in the scanning slot on the Doxie, though large books still won’t work because the scanning area is only 4’’ x 6’’. This makes it perfect for scanning photos, movie tickets, coins, etc. Document scanning can be done, though it needs to be pieced together in an image editing program, like the software included with the scanner. The scanner is lightweight and about the size of a book, so it fits easily in a bag. The product works with Windows versions XP and higher, and Mac versions 10.7 and higher.

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The Doxie Flip features a completely detachable lid, making it easier to scan anything you want that will comfortably fit on the scanning space. The transparent scanning window allows you to see the scanning process as it takes place in real time, and allows the scanner to placed directly on the book/document to be scanned. The AutoStitch feature makes merging multiple scans into a larger one easy. There is a full color small screen so you can see the image preview after the scan. It includes a card reader, so if your Mac or PC doesn’t have one, you can use it to load photos to your computer.

The Doxie Flip features the ability to import scans to your PC or Mac using the included software. The software is designed to make it easier to organize and sort your photos. Basic image editing features are not included in the software, so editing will need to be done with another program. Cloud storage features make it easy to save your photos to Dropbox, Evernote, or even share them on Facebook or If you are willing to purchase a separate card reader for the iPad, you can sync your photos to that device as well. Images can be saved as either JPEG (standard) or PNG file formats. Users can also send photos to any app in a single click, including: iPhoto, Photoshop, Evernote, or email client.

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Scanning Speed Photo Quality

The Doxie flip has two scanning resolutions, 300 DPI or 600 DPI. No information can be found about the time it takes each scan to complete, however, given the small scan space, neither the 300 DPI nor the 600 DPI scan should take more than 30 seconds. The 300 DPI scans will not take as long as the 600 DPI scans.

The image quality is okay for basic archiving purposes, but will not suffice for a professional. Users report satisfaction with the scans, but compared to higher powered models, there is a distinct difference in quality.

Since the only editing the software does is enhance and brighten colors, you’ll need to take care of scratch and dust removal, and other issues on your own with separate editing software. The scanner quality is satisfactory for the basic consumer, but not for photographers.


The Doxie Flip is a truly unique portable scanner in the sense that it is battery powered and requires no cords to operate. Even the PanDigital Personal Scanner requires AC power to operate. Though like the PanDigital scanner it can work with or without a computer, the Doxie Flip has another advantage in that it doesn’t have to have the document fed through it to work. It uses the same flatbed scanner form factor as the Canon CanoScan 9000F MKII, the Canon CanoScan LiDE110, and the Epson Perfection V800 Photo Scanner. Unlike the other flatbed models, however, it has a limited resolution with a maximum resolution of 600 DPI. This affects photo quality, but still presents a decent photo.

Warranty and Support

The Doxie Flip comes with a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer, from the date of purchase. If you experience an issue during this time, and you have not done anything to void the warranty, Apparent will repair or replace your unit. Customer support is available online and via email. There does not appear to be a way to contact support via telephone.


This is an excellent portable scanner for the basic consumer. For the amateur or professional photographer, the lack of extensive editing software and higher resolution will produce a lesser quality end product.

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